Saturday, October 29, 2011

Under a Halloween Moon- The Witches Tea Party- Day One...

Witches Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon
Underneath a Halloween moon
Witches dance to 
Their own sweet tune
Fires burning in the night
Cauldrons bubble
Ravens flight
Besoms fly 
Higher than the stars
Welcome to Halloween!
This night is ours!

The Witch's Dance - Halloween Image Transfer - Burlap Feed Sacks Canvas Pillows Tea Towels greeting cards paper supplies- U Print JPG 300dpi

Vintage Gypsy Fortune Teller 1x2 Collage - tags glass tile domino jewelry supplies - U-print 300 dpi jpg



This year, my autumn tea time memory is gathering with my group of needlework friends over cups of hot tea (them) and a large Mountain Dew (me) and obsessing about life, politics, crochet, stitching and pretty much getting nothing done because we were having so much fun talking the whole time. 

Live Laugh Love Stacked Tea Cups 5x7  - Burlap Feed Sacks Canvas Pillows Tea Towels greeting cards - U Print JPG 300dpi

Time spent with these wonderful ladies is one of the cherished things of my life. Laughing, sharing recipes, showing each other the latest needlework (or in my case, the lack thereof lately), talking about witchy books (or any books), the newest shows on television and how shriveled up our yards have gotten this summer due to the drought here in Houston is an afternoon wonderfully spent.

Join me as I wander through memories of teas long past and the stitches of things to come...


Roseanne's Scarf


My sampler in the works...

Victorian Birdcage Lady Steampunk - Image Transfer Burlap Feed Sacks Canvas Pillows Tea Towels - U Print JPG 300 dpi



Thoughts of friendships, old and new....

Vintage Gypsy Fortune Teller Set II 2x3 Collage - witch hang tags greeting cards postcard ATC ACEO - U Print 300dpi jpg



Memories held in little china cups...


Friendships forged over time and sometimes distance...

Red Botanical Dictionary Collage 8.5x11 - burlap feed sacks greeting cards paper supplies pillows tea towels - U Print 300 dpi



Building love and life one day at a time...


Celebrating the magic wherever we find it...

Tryal of Witches Halloween 1x3 Collage - patera tags glass microscope slide jewelry pendants - U print 300dpi jpg


Witchs Tea Parlor Image Transfer - Burlap Feed Sacks Canvas Pillows Tea Towels greeting cards paper supplies- U Print JPG 300dpi


May your Halloween be bright
May your tea be strong
May your friendships last you
Your whole life long...

Blessed be.

Ornamental French Bird on a Pedestal 5x7- Image Transfer Burlap Feed Sacks Tote Canvas Pillows Tea Towels greeting cards - U Print 300dpi jp


Thank you for joining me for tea time memories...
Please stay a moment and visit the party favors while you are here.
There are giveaways from October 21-31.
Please also stop in to Zombie Girl Shambling for more
Halloween fun...

Stop back in tomorrow for Day Two!

Halloween Witch's Brew Tea Image Transfer - Burlap Feed Sacks Canvas Pillows Tea Towels greeting cards paper supplies- U Print JPG 300dpi



  1. What festive the Witches Tea Parlor image! Happy Halloween. Please stop by for tea and treats~

  2. For some reason I'm still staring at the Victorian-birdcage-lady-steampunk; it is such a surreal image. I might have to write a story about that wonderful lady. Hm, and there will be tea, moons and brooms.

    Happy All Hallow's Eve!

  3. What great collages! :)

    Happy Halloween,

  4. Delightful images here at this party! Sounds like your friends and you have lovely tea parties :) Love to see you stop by my place and enter my giveaway too :)

  5. Beautiful images, great friends, good tea,
    hope you can visit me,

  6. Oh I love the "My other car is a Broom" embroidered pillow and your poem at the start. Lovely tea party! Many Blessings! ~EMD

  7. Wonderful images, beautiful tea cups! A lovely tea party.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. What a great collection of images - love them ALL. I really enjoyed my walk through your blog!

  9. You're so fortunate to have a lovely group of friends to share wonderful moments with! Loved all the imagery you shared with us too! Here's wishing you magickal dreams and a
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´✻✻✻Happy Halloween(¸.•´ (¸.•´✻

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