Thursday, August 25, 2011

Follow the Broomstick Friday

Happy Follow Friday!

Q. In books like the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series the paranormal creature in question "comes out of the closet" and makes itself known to the world. Which mythical creature do you wish would come out of the closet, for real?

A. Well. I have so many favorite paranormals, it is hard to chose sometimes. Witches have always been up there for me, so I kind of wish they would be able to be out of the broom closet and take to the skies en masse. The kind of witch who could zot you if you cut her off in traffic, or could turn your ex boyfriend into a toad. The kind who could whip out a wand and kick some other pesky type of paranormal butt if needed. Raw elemental earth power at it's finest. Have broom will travel and all that. Makes me feel happy just thinking about it!

Have a great weekend!
A non book related question this week:

Q. Do you have pets?

A. Oh yes. Dogs. I rescue everything, so my furry babies are my life. My husband and I treat them like we would if we had kids. I also have four finches, a fish (Cranky Fish) and Godzilla the lizard.

My best and most wonderful baby is Taddy. He is the cutest thing ever...

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stitches In Time by Barbara Michaels

When an antique bridal quilt appears under mysterious circumstances at the vintage clothing shop where Rachel Grant works, she is fascinated. She has never been able to resist handmade textiles from the past, for she believes that through the ages, women wove protective magic into their fabrics in order to mark the important events of their lives: birth, marriage, and death.

But there is more than good in the quilt's magic power. Day by day Rachel sees and feels the power growing, as she senses the quilt influencing her thoughts and actions. Much as Rachel's logical mind longs to deny the supernatural, the aura of evil coming from the quilt is terrifyingly real, and it seems to carry a sinister legacy into the lives of the people Rachel loves.


This book has been a favorite of mine since it was released back in 1999. The blending of magic with the artistry of quilting always fascinated me. Each stitch was usually a blessing sent to whomever was to receive it. But what if you twisted that idea and made each delicate stitch a curse instead? This book is full of the best Barbara Michaels has to offer. Paranormal suspense, real life villains and a heroine who has to overcome almost insurmountable evil to make those she loves safe.

You may have to look for this book in the rare book stores as it is currently not too available. Check out your local library too. As with all of Barbara Michael's books, you will be glad you went to the trouble.

Warped by Maurisa Guibord

Tessa doesn't believe in magic. Or Fate. But there's something weird about the dusty unicorn tapestry she discovers in a box of old books. She finds the creature woven within it compelling and frightening. After the tapestry comes into her possession, Tessa experiences dreams of the past and scenes from a brutal hunt that she herself participated in. When she accidentally pulls a thread from the tapestry, Tessa releases a terrible centuries old secret. She also meets William de Chaucy, an irresistible 16th-century nobleman. His fate is as inextricably tied to the tapestry as Tessa's own. Together, they must correct the wrongs of the past. But then the Fates step in, making a tangled mess of Tessa's life. Now everyone she loves will be destroyed unless Tessa does their bidding and defeats a cruel and crafty ancient enemy.

Release date: January 2011 by Delacourt

Many thanks to the publicity department for making a copy available for me to review.

What I liked:

Tessa is a bookworm and the world that Guibord built for her is a cozy one. Her father runs an old bookstore and Tessa loves it there. She misses her mother, but has a good life. When her Dad gets a box of books from an auction with a tapestry intermixed with the books, her life will change forever. When she touches it, she blacks out and begins to reach back into the past to a life she doesn't even remember. But someone else does.

The witch who cast the spell on the tapestry wants it back. Even more, the boy, William who pops out of it. He was spell cast into a unicorn centuries before and is the source of eternal youth for an evil that should have been vanquished long ago. Add the Fates who want their stolen threads back, and you have a wonderful story of love, lost time and hope. This book had me turning the pages deep into the night.

What I Didn't:

It ended and there isn't a book two in the works yet. I may cry.


This is a 5 star keeper for my library shelf. Guibord has spun a world out of words that I would love to read more about. A star crossed love that spans centuries, this is sure to appeal to fans of Twilight and Fallen.

Maurissa Guibord can be found writing YA on the coast of Maine with her husband, triplets and an odd cat. Warped is her first published novel.

Visit: to learn more...

Follow Friday

Welcome to another Follow Friday...

Q. If you could write yourself a part in a book, what book would it be and what role would you play in that book?

A. Tough question as there are so many wonderful books out there. At the risk of ridicule, I have always loved the Harry Potter books and would have loved to be Hermione. She really knew her stuff. Spells to unlock doors and to zot the crap out of the bad guys. She really kicked butt.

I also love the world Gail Carriger has created in her wonderful Steampunk series. Yes, I would have to be Alexia. Parasol, please!