Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy Featured Artist: Jade Goblin Giveaway


Take a walk in the fantasy world of Jade Goblin...

LOST SOUL limited edition fantasy art print

Halloween or Samhain--it's the night when the veil between our world and the supernatural world is at it's thinnest. Souls, ghosts, spirits come and go between worlds to visit their loved ones, do mischief, or question their circumstance. My pale ghost revisits the place where she took her last breath. The desolate scene shows the last of the leaves and acorns being whisked away by the cold wind from the gnarly oak tree. Only 11 years old--no one knew she was sick--and she didn't have anyone to care whether she is or not. Abandoned at a very early age she took care of herself, luckily finding a small uninhabited hovel in the woods. She eked out a living by gathering edible wild fruits and mushrooms to sell or barter in the nearby village for bread and scraps. Her one joy is to sit for hours under the old oak tree daydreaming about being a much-loved daughter of doting parents. Her body was discovered by a kindhearted woodcutter who had ventured into that part of the woods and saw the small still figure under the tree. He carried her to his home and had his wife dress and prepare her for burial. Now, on this magical mysterious night--as she drifts softly, Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin in hand to light her way-- barely touching the ground--her tattered shroud trailing along--she sadly looks around and wonders--'Is this the same place that I loved so much?'..... A somber palette on this piece, with touches of pale yellow and pumpkin colors--the pics do not do justice to the actual print.

SAMHAIN limited edition art print

The celebration of Samhain (pronounced in proper Gaelic: 'sow-in') came from the Celtic peoples many centuries ago. It's a time which is thought to be when the division between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Meaning denizens of the afterlife could communicate or even cross over back to the land of the living. The celebration of this day comes from trying to appease the dead. Cernunos--the Forest Lord in all his autumn finery--cape of various autumn leaves, crimson mask and golden torque--celebrates on Samhain eve--October 31st--Halloween! He has summoned various goblins and creatures from the nearby woods to celebrate with him. I particularly love the little scampering JOL pumpkin goblins with leafy legs and arms--and, of course--not to be left behind--the satyr making sure he has the largest Pumpkin that he could get! Ever the 'pretty boy'--our Cernunos, Cernnunos or the Green Man as he is sometimes called--one can still sense his restrained virility and masculine presence as he stands by an ancient oak tree. The wonderfully smiling lady-in-the-moon shines her light on the gathering--making everything almost as clear as day!. Beautiful colors on this piece. The original was done in acrylics on canvas panel.

There are many more lovely pictures on Jade Goblin's Etsy site!

Now for the giveaway:


  1. Oh what darling illustrations ~ you find the most amazingly talented souls, bravo!

  2. what lovely prints, I especially like the first one :)

  3. What lovely artwork. My favorite has to be Lost Soul. Thank you so much for the fun today!

  4. Lost Soul is definitely my fav. Thanks for another fabulous giveaway!


  5. Love love love this shop! What an amazing find!

  6. Lost Soul is awesome! I really like her little witch mermaid print too, its so darn cute!