Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy Artist Find: Kerry Cole Fine Art

Alone in My Room...Creepy Digital Collage Halloween 5x7 Blank Greeting Card

I started painting because I couldn't sew. I was a fashion design major, and quickly discovered I had an uncanny ability to sew everything completely bass-ackwards. Everything I made looked like a Picasso-not flattering on the body.

Fortunately, fate is kind. As a part of the course study, drawing classes were required...I completed my first drawing assignment, and from that class forward, I was an art convert for life! Before the quarter was over, I had converted our unused garage into a lovely little studio.

I knew in those first moments while drawing, I had found my calling...a strange calling to come back home-but home to a place I'd never actually been. Very surreal, very powerful. I just trusted it, and never looked back.
Old World Fairy Witch...Purple Haze...A Magikal Incarnation...Disir... Blank 5x7 Greeting Card

Aren't these gorgeous?

Check out Kerry's Etsy site for even more!

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