Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etsy Artist Find: Doing It Texas Style

Doing It Texas Style


Incredible paper crafts!

Halloween thoughts and memories... well, honestly, the one thing about Halloween that stands out the very most in my mind is how my mother used to steal the majority of my sister's and my Halloween candy while we were at school. It was years before we realized what was going on, why it disappeared so quickly when we were only allowed two pieces in our school lunch that she packed us each day. This candy thievery turned out to be a rather common practice after all holidays in which children are given candy. We still laugh about it to this day.

I have one other thing to add, I suppose. My mother was never big on decorating for Halloween, but I have always LOVED Halloween decorations, especially anything having to do with witches. That's why I fell in love with my Friendly Witch. She adds a cute, festive accent to the home decor, while remaining family friendly for those who are not big on the Halloween celebration. Sadly, most of the Halloween decorations I made this year are not listed in my shop here, but rather displayed in a booth I have at a local craft mall. Many were simply difficult to ship, so I felt it was better to do it that way.

I have a lot of Christmas ornaments listed now, and will have more things listed for the Holiday season, but that is not all that is in my shop. I practice almost every aspect of paper crafting, and will branch out and try just about any form of crafting that calls to me. I love to mix techniques from one form with another, such as sewing on paper crafts, or using fabric with it. All of the pieces I produce are works of heart, truly because art is my therapy! I have found that it keeps me sane and balanced better than anything else. In fact, there is usually some personal significance that corresponds to each piece I complete. A lot of my artwork is spurred from something that happened in my life, the life of someone close to me, or was derived from another project I worked on. I strive to make each and every piece of mine unique and personal, like none other, and I am extremely proud of what I produce. 

It is more thrilling for me to see that people really want what I make, enough to buy it, over the money I receive for the pieces sold. Of course I welcome custom orders and requests, and I absolutely LOVE getting feedback and suggestions and ideas from shoppers! Even just project ideas or themes of things that interest them. Truly invaluable stuff for me!

Thank you Susan for sharing your 

memories and brilliant paper art!



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