Monday, October 17, 2011

Etsy Artist Find: Suzy's Santas

If you are looking for a truly original witchy experience for this Halloween, check out this shop. International Santas, witches, owls, pumpkins sweet and scary...Pop over to their shop and tell them which one is your favorite. 

Winifreds Wands, earth witch, gourd, Halloween, cat, burnt orange, 9 inches tall

So cute!!

Fortunes Told by Madam Clarisse, gypsy witch, 8 inches tall

Love this one!!

Across the Moon, pumpkin gourd, witches, cemetery, castle, 7 inches tall

Must have pumpkin art!

Night Flyers, hand painted gourd, 11 inches tall, 7 inches diameter



  1. What a cute find, I just love the across-the-moon-pumpkin-gourd-witches one!!

  2. These are just amazing, Dana! What a wonderful find!!!! :)