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Etsy Artist Find: Poison Apple Apothecary

This shop is original and has lots to chose from. Check out their inspirational scents and products.


Inspired by the story of Alice Riley, the first person ever convicted of murder and hanged in Savannah. Legend has it that her ghost still wanders the squares of Savannah from late night til early dawn. Her perfume is the smell of a Savannah summer night- heady florals mingling with tall oaks heavy with eerie clumps of spanish moss.

This beautiful golden resin has been used for centuries to enhance concentration, but this blend is all about sensuality and desire. In short, Epicureanism bottled.

A libation of love, lust, beauty, and desire. This brew was blended using the same components woven together to create the goddess- essences of sea salt, chilly ocean mist, and soft watery blooms. Wear this irresistible perfume oil and seize what you desire most.

This bold and powerful blend is a raging swirl of blood red rose, smoky patchouli, and deep musk. Patchouli is a potent essence that is said to help balance one's Earth and Fire energy, even though both may be strong forces. Rose is known for it's anti-anxiety properties; together, this combination will aid in standing your ground and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

A young woman enters a dark, dank room dimly lit by a lone candle. The candle flickers as she walks past it to kneel at an ancient wooden chest. It creaks as it opens and she pulls out a large leather bound book which has seen the passing of many generations. After walking to the table she gingerly places the book down and blows off a thin veil of dust. The enchanted woman reaches out tentatively and hesitates before opening the book, for it contains great secrets of the ages. At last she opens the volumes of magick and stares in wonder at the spells inked onto the pages....

CATERPILLAR'S PIPE (Alice in Wonderland Collection)
Undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters our heroine Alice meets along the way; the caterpillar is lazily seductive with his intricate tenor and puffing hookah pipe. His blend is equally as deep with notes of Hemp, Tobacco, Frankincense, and Patchouli.

CHESHIRE MOON (Alice in Wonderland Collection)
Inspired by the beloved Cheshire Cat who informs our dear Alice that everyone is a bit mad here. This feline is exotic, magnetic, and full of riddles. The Cheshire Moon perfume creates the same atmosphere with a blend of Neroli, Sandalwood, and Sweet Tahitian Vanilla.

December Poison is truly a dark wintry scent. Deep purple figs offer a sweet top note while golden amber and fragrant myrrh offerings round out this perfume.

Freyja is one of the most prominent goddesses in Norse mythology. She presided over the domains of love, beauty, and fertility. Freyja is said to be the fairest goddess of them all with her flowing golden hair and eyes as blue as the calmest sea. Her scent is equally as dreamy with fragrant lilies, sensual ylang ylang, and exotic sandalwood.

This scent was created to capture the essence of the great cemeteries of the south- namely Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans. Not only are the cemeteries of these cities final resting places, they also hold a haunting aesthetic appeal through their design and architecture. The southern foliage mixes with the humid air to create a heady garden perfume all its own- sweet fresh earth scattered with brambles of white and red roses guarded by austere live oaks heavy with spanish moss.

A haunting blend of the palest white musks, like an eerie whisper on your skin.

Named for the Gilded Age which took place in the United States during the Victorian Era. After the Civil War the population boomed and the country found celebrity in the extravagantly wealthy. This perfume is the scent of pure optimism and hope for things to come- sunny lemon, a touch of verbena, and a pinch of sugar.

In Welsh mythology, the Gwyllion are mysterious fae who live in the mountains. When the rains fall over the mountains, these mischievous creatures retreat to the valleys and sometimes- the houses of unsuspecting villagers. Their scent is the mingling of clear mountain air, hillside wildflowers, icy rain, and fallen pine needles.

HATTER'S TEA PARTY (Alice in Wonderland Collection)
Welcome to the mad tea party! This curious blend is the perfect perfume for just this occasion. Would you like a spot? This bottle boasts a cup of tea, a dash of spices, a crisp butter cookie, and a generous helping of blood orange.

An embodiment of the Victorian Gothic era. A lady in all outward appearances, but there may be something darker lurking underneath…. Jasmine and Vanilla laid gently upon an enigmatic veil of musk.

The last surge of glittering life before an endless sleep. Bright lemons pair with soothing lavender, beckoning one to eternal rest. Wonderful for wear anytime, but is especially soothing while trying to drift off to dream.

A beguiling blend of Madagascar's finest vanilla, exotic amber, and soft musk. Rich and complex, this perfume oil is fit for a queen.

The heady scent of sweet pipe tobacco wafting through a large parlor with dark oak floors and imperial furnishings.

Famed Pirate Anne Bonny is an icon for misbehavin' women near and far. Already a delinquent in her teens, this lass joined a renowned band of pirates and terrorized the Caribbean for a spell before she was eventually caught and supposedly hanged for her misdeeds. A bit of timber, a swig of rum, a dash of patchouli, and a soft vanilla dry down combine to create this bawdy blend.

Rule over the lesser minions with the blend of sugar and trickling golden honey.

"Off with her head!" The Red Queen's ire is matched by no other throughout the land. Her perfume is a blend of the sharpest red roses, tempestuous clove, and deep vanilla musk.

With each passing day, not much changes. At three in the morning she sits alone in the dead silence of the desolate room. She tightly clutches her cup of steaming tea, the only fuel keeping her going at this hour. A browning apple sits abandoned at one end of the table, long forgotten as all else but him has been. She scribbles furiously in her old leather journal, cursing him until the end of time. Time, after all, is the only thing she has. Notes of black tea, red apple, leather, and aged paper.

A clandestine love affair unfurls between star crossed lovers. Every midnight they meet to escape the world and all that stands between them. This fragrance is an exciting, yet utterly romanitic blend of citrus, bergamot, violet,and heady muguet.

This place is a little patch of the earth that no one cares to pass by anymore. It’s peaceful and quiet, albeit damp. Water flows from underneath the ground, giving way to fresh green shoots unfurling their baby tendrils out of the humid peat. In the autumn it is covered with dry and crackling leaves, but even they cannot hide the magic of a place where life has been given and taken away freely since the beginning of time.

SWEET ALICE (Alice in Wonderland Collection)
"Curiouser and curiouser!" This blend evokes the sweetest qualities of our dear curious Alice in a blend of rich buttercream, tart black currants, a generous scoop of sugar, and strawberries growing wild throughout the forest.

Twist open the little green bottle to embark on a lush journey through a mysterious wood. The perfume starts off with a heady whiff of green grass from a verdant meadow. After crossing into the woods the aromas of fresh earth and spanish moss delight the senses. Past a clearing a single clump of moss grows pointing the way to a glittering lagoon steeped with the scents of water and floating sea moss. An incredibly green scent that evokes mystery while maintaining a sense of light and airiness. Notes of grass, dirt, moss, wood, spanish moss, sea moss, and deep marine accord.

WHITE RABBIT ( Alice in Wonderland Collection)
The perfume inspired by the White Rabbit begins to evoke an ardent sense of restlessness but dries down to a smooth composed blend.
This perfume is sweet and creamy with notes of White Chocolate, Sassafras, Caramel, and Cognac.

(c) Poison Apple Apothecary, 2009


For nearly as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with fragrance. I spent every spare penny I could scrap up to fill my dresser with beautiful and exotic vials of every scent imaginable. Eventually I settled on perfume oil as my weapon of choice; I loved the way it melted into my skin, worked with my body chemistry, and best of all- lasted more than five minutes.

I found my love of fragrance to be an entertaining, albeit expensive hobby. At this point I began to study the art of the creation of fragrance and when I felt confident enough to get my feet wet I started experimenting with making my own blends. A world of possibilities opened up that I hadn't known before when I simply had to choose the perfumes that were made available to me by others. After friends began requesting that I make perfume oils for them as well I decided that I would like to try my hand at making perfume oils professionally. This is how my shop began. I aim to make fragrances that are mysterious, yet wearable; luxurious, yet affordable.

Although I have studied fragrance for years, I am also a student of the arts and sciences. I have received a degree in psychology and classical civilization and am currently completing a master's degree in counseling. During my studies I have placed a great emphasis on history and the human condition; one area of great interest to me is past lives as they relate to Jungian psychology. Additionally, I also put much time into the study of metaphysical pursuits.

The scents that I create have these elements interwoven into each of them as I not only study these subjects, but use them as my guiding principles.

Perfume Oil, Sugar Scrub and Embalming Cream tm Beauty Bundle, Choose Your Scent


TOASTED PUMPKIN SEED Special Edition Halloween Creamy Whipped Sugar Scrub 6.5 oz


This shop has about 260 listings and has scents that will delight everyone. I hope you enjoy looking through the selection as much as I have.


  1. What a fun idea for a product line. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I LOVE Poison Apple Apothecary and highly recommend the shop. The service is always amazing and the scents are just spectacular. :)

  3. it sounds magical and heavenly.