Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tea Time With Mim at Fire In the Hand

Porcelain Pumpkin cup/teacup/tiny bowl- OOAK Ready to ship

This wonderful shop makes custom mugs and pieces out of high 

fired stonewear or porcelain. Pumpkins and cauldrons to delight

you and yours on a cool autumn eve with a bit of tea...

A while ago, several years now, I decided to create my own chai recipe in the tradition of chai recipes. (That is, with the range of spices generally used for chai I could just pick the ones I *like* to use and leave out the ones I don't thus creating a "family recipe"). It was great fun buying the spices, choosing from different kinds of cinnamon sticks, deciding which spices I would use, crushing the cardamom pods with a meat mallet, and experimenting with different combinations. The process of making chai isn't difficult but it is a process; it takes time and so it has a nice feel of ritual to it. First you boil the spices, then add the tea, finally the milk, cream (or in my case rice milk), then it all goes into the teapot. Finally you add honey to your cuppa. Perhaps the best thing about the chai though, is that my teenage daughter loves it, and asks me to make it for her. That's what really makes it really special.

Cauldron Mug/Bowl/Candy Dish - Ready to ship


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