Monday, August 6, 2012

The Ancient Ones: Goddess Music From Kellianna

Music is a huge part of my life. As a music reviewer, I am listening day in and day out, when I am not working on my book, at work or sleeping. Music, like the written word, is the air that I breathe, and breathing in Kellianna is a treat to be had. The Ancient Ones is a blend of Celtic and Native American mythologies. 

Kellianna is an artist with roots in the pagan community. Her music is a blend of mythology, powerful vocals, chanting and primal drumming. She has toured all over the United States. The Ancient Ones is her fifth album.

When I received this album, I was delighted. Kellianna's previous albums have all been a treat, working within the structures of Celtic mythology, chanting and spirit strengthening vocals and rhythms. With the opening track of “Thank You Mother” taking off with acoustic guitar flair and wind instruments to blend with Kelliana’s hypnotic vocals, I knew this album was going to be just as inspiring as some of her past works. The harmonies are done well, and the flow of the music rolls over you, taking you into the realm of the Goddess for a much needed spiritual reprieve.

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Track listing:

1. Thank You Mother
2. The Ancient Ones
3. Mists of Avalon
4. Lugh
5. Wild Maiden
6. Bless Our Planet
7. Artemis of the Hunt
8. Daughters of the Earth
9. Witch's Reel
10. To the Summerlands

Many thanks to Kellianna for sending her lovely music to review!

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