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Hexes In Texas by Michelle Korpa

Hexes In Texas
By Michelle Kopra

Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781476226156
ASIN: B008G0EQ42

Number of pages: 128
Word Count: 40740

Book Description:

Fed up with the slushy snow of winter, and the frigid Canadian wizards Julie McNabb wants a transfer to somewhere warm, and where the men are smoking hot!

Instead, she ends up in Bug Tussle. A small wizard farming community in Texas where the unicorns freak her out, and the resident witches watch NASCAR and eat Barbeque.

Despite her goals to get out as fast as she can, Julie makes friends, has fun, and falls for Vance, the hunky animal manager.

Now if only Julie can convince Vance to give up on Mrs. Right, for Mrs. right now!

Teaser Excerpt:

“There has to be something more than this,” I sighed as the broom came dangerously close to the road. Before I turned into witch jam, I used my magic to stop the broom, tilting it up, and slowing its descent until my purple boots skidded against the pavement.

“Like what?” Skippy asked.

“I don’t know, but flying around at night, maintained spells, checking perimeters? How is that living? I want a life that’s exciting. I don’t want to die a thousand years from now, regretting I lived all my life in Hamilton.”

 Interview questions for On the Broomstick:

1. What was the inspiration for Hexes?

A few things inspired me to write Hexas. The first was Bug Tussle. It’s a country road along the side of the I35 between DFW and Waco, Tx. I had driven passed the sign for years and thought it was a funny name. But I was also inspired by my pets, my hometown, Hamilton, and by my mother’s fetish for tiger print.

2. Have you ever been to Texas? What is your favorite part about it?

I moved to Texas 6 years ago. I have traveled all over the state, and lived in San Antonio. But I would have to say my favorite part of Texas is DFW. Not only because my house is here, but I do love the blend of cultures here. Plus I like having a chance of a bit of snow in the winter. If I had to pick a second favorite city, it would be Houston. Love The Woodlands, Kemah, and Galveston.

3. Margaritas vs. Bud Light

Margaritas. It’s a tossup between sangria swirled or corona-rita, both are awesome.

4. Fajitas vs. Cheeseburger

Fajitas! Growing up in Canada my food choices were on the bland side, what with meat loaf and pork chops. Then I moved south and fell in love with Mexican food.

5. Harry Potter vs. Practical Magic (or both)

Both. I love the detail and the creatures in Harry Potter. However when I watched Practical Magic the first time, I realized witches could be sexy, as well as funny.

6. What was the funniest scene you ever wrote?

I’m not sure. But I loved writing about Julie’s black cat, Skippy. I still laugh when I go back and read the dialogue between them.

7. Which do you find is harder to write, love scenes or action scenes?

Love scenes. I spend more time trying to make the scene sexy and emotional. So I do a lot of researching positions and descriptions.

8. Have you written other books, or in other genres?

The story ideas tend to be split between urban fantasy and steam punk. I have seven other short stories also available on Amazon.

9. What is your current project?

I am wrapping up the final book to my Shimmy and Steam series. I’m also plotting a new urban fantasy called “Something witchy this way comes.” It’s about three sisters competing to become the new mayor of Fairy, Texas.

10. What is your favorite paranormal character?

Gosh, do I have to have just one?


Thanks for having me!


I liked the voice of this book, and the snap of the characters. It had an overall witchy chick lit kind of feel, with a talking cat familiar and some pretty fun adventures. If you are looking for a light read with a witchy heroine, then this is your book. Spice, magic, broom rides, talking cats with attitude...what more can you want. 

When Julie decides to get a transfer to New Orleans, things really get interesting! No more telling. You have to read this one for yourself.

4/5 Fun broomstick ride!

  About the Author:

I suppose you are dying to know who this Michelle Kopra is; n'est pas?

If you figure it out, please let me know ;)

I have worked in hospitals, in zoo's, in casinos, and with shoes (hey, look at that, I rhymed).

I am a day dreamer, not much of a day tripper, or day trader for that matter. But I do get lost in my own little world about Fairies, Elves, brass goggles, nifty airships, and steamy romances.

I used to be a closet writer, writhing in agony if anyone came near me when I was trying to put story to paper.

Then I had kids. Two of them, with big brown eyes, and sweet little giggles and sticky fingers that goober up my computer screen, and suddenly I didn't care how silly my stories seemed to the rest of the world. Well, not as much anyways ;)

I have six stories published on for the moment, with several more in the works. Please feel free to contact me, I can be found on Facebook, twitter, and at my website Let me know if you love my stories, or hate them, or if I parked in your spot!