Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Highland Witch: Giveaway

In 1692, brilliant, captivating Corrag-accused witch, orphaned herbalist, and unforgettable heroine-is imprisoned in the Scottish highlands, suspected of witchcraft and murder. As she awaits her death she tells her story to Charles Leslie, an Irish propagandist who seeks information she may have condemning the Protestant King William. Hers is a story of passion, courage, love, and the magic of the natural world. By telling it, she transforms both their lives. Originally published in hardcover under the title Corrag: A Novel.


When I first heard about this book, I was excited. It sounded like a book I could fall into. Contacting the publisher, I was even more thrilled to receive a review copy and permission to host a giveaway of two copies! Now I can bring a little magic into your Yule!


  1. book sounds good fingers crossed I get this one

  2. I have yet to have any good witchy novels, this sounds awesome!
    i hope I win!
    Thanks for the chance.
    love n light,