Saturday, December 10, 2011

Etsy Artist Finds: Rhonda's Originals

If you enjoy working with paper then you simply must check out the wonderful paper dolls and digital art at Rhonda's Originals. I ordered this witch and can't wait to start working on her as soon as the holidays are more under control.

When I first checked out her site, I thought the images were simply digital art. They are intricate and have a steampunk flair. When I got the download, I realized that they were paper dolls! To my absolute delight, I printed out the designs and am now about to create the beginnings of my own Christmas/Yule parade. 

Stay tuned for new developments as my parade comes to life!

For my Yuletide Cupcakery Event, I received this wonderful doll. Stay tuned for new and wonderful posts as I have the extreme joy of putting this doll together. Cupcakes are one of my passions. I am finding out that paper dolls may be as well...

What could be more delightful? This doll is perfect for a table centerpiece- even a wedding or a bridal shower.

One thing is for sure, these are great projects to keep kids busy while the parents wrap gifts or Mom is making Christmas dinner. For a quiet evening of creative fun drinking some splendid Yule tea (from Worts and Cunning hopefully) check out these wonderfully detailed paper dolls and digital crafting ideas. This artist has some truly original designs and I can not wait to own every single one of them!

Enter to win your very own holiday parade! (first picture in post)


  1. so very hard to choose a favorite item from her shop

  2. I really love Rhondas paper dolls. I have purchased quite a few in the last year. My daughters (who are older...shhhh they have children!) Love her dolls also and we have girl craft days to make them and embellish them. SO MUCH FUN! Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  3. My favorite one is the Victorian Witch (first picture). Love it!

  4. SUPER awesome shop, Dana!!! I found many goodies to like there! I adore the owl and reindeer sleigh, especially.

  5. I ADORE her work. Choosing 1 favorite was very difficult and I had to favorite a few things through my etsy but I guess I would choose the Victorian Witch Doll. Too precious!