Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moon Power: A Scorcher!

Abby loves the thrill of danger that comes from attending masked sex parties, but it’s not long before she finds herself feeling something more than lust for fellow partygoer, Jake Winters. When someone at one of the parties is murdered, and Abby learns that she and Jake were the last two people to be seen with the murder victim, she begins to wonder if Jake could possibly be the murderer.
Abby can't deny her feelings for Jake, and when he shows up at her apartment, Abby doesn't hesitate in letting the potential murderer in. When Jake tells Abby an almost-unbelievable story about werewolves, an old werewolf legend, and how it's all connected to the murder, Abby becomes wary. Can Abby trust Jake, or will her feelings for him only prove to endanger her?

What I liked:

This is a short novella and it hits all the plot points-characters, action and some pretty spicy action. This book is for an adult audience only. On the Evernight publishing website, it is listed as a level 4, the hottest level they have. It moves fast at only 50 pages and has a good plot with lots of heat to keep you warm this winter. 

What I didn't:

I think I wasn't prepared for just how hot this was going to be. Wow. It was very well done, but there are certain scenes that were very, very adult oriented. Just a word of caution. Check the website for specifics.


I liked the werewolf story line and the mystery behind the murder at the party. The extreme adult nature of the book was a little surprising as I don't usually review novels with that level of heat. After I stopped fanning myself and clutching at a glass of ice water like a life preserver, I found that I could appreciate the author's ability to get the story across in a mere fifty pages. A good and fast paced read, with enough heat to probably melt my e-reader. 



  1. Could almost see the fog machine start up and the steam roll across the blog page. Thanks for sharing the sizzle :)

  2. Thanks for the review, Dana, I do so appreciate it! Yes, I must be honest, it is an EXTREMELY spicy read ... even spicy for me (and I'm the author). Again, thank you.

    Kate Milton