Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get Off Your Broomstick Fitness Challenge

I came across this wonderful challenge last night after wolfing down a few candy bars and thought...hmmm. Is that an exercise bike next to the bed, or is it really destined to be a coat rack for the rest of its unnatural life? I thought about it again this morning and well...I think it may be time to do a little more than sit on my broomstick all day. Yes, I walk a lot at work, but that only gets me so far. 

I have been trying to give up sodas first and foremost. Those key lime classics really do get to me, so that has to be my once a month exception. That and the baby candy bars I allow myself to have once and awhile. I just need to make it a little longer between whiles...(smile). Water...tea-no sugar...water....more water. I am good with that most of the time. Just don't get near my three teaspoons of ice cream. Mine I tell you...Mine!

Would love to hear from you if you are in this challenge and what you are doing to try and get healthier for the holidays.

To find out more about the challenge, click the link on the sidebar.


  1. Oh yes! I totally agree. I just went back and started Weight Watchers again. It worked really well for me about a year ago. Going to try and just do the online version this time. Fingers crossed. Good Luck!

  2. Hello dear Dana! Thank you for your sweet comment and following my blog. I love your blog because I feel so at home here! We are all little broomstick riders to one extent or the other....no matter what time of the year!
    I can not leave a proper comment so I am signing my name as Miss Peach and selecting anonymous...please know I enjoy autumn the best and love the links on your blog. We have lots in commom and maybe we will be swap partners someday in one of them....
    till then, hugs from the cozy cottage Karla

  3. I will be checking this out. Thank you for sharing. It has taken me so very long to lose the first 10 pounds (of many stone I desire to shed) and hearing of others struggles and successes may help keep me motivated.
    You know of course that now I am imagining myself peddling away to the soundtrack of the wicked witch from West Oz.
    My toughest thing? I am addicted to hot chocolate, (sugary mix) made with milk.

  4. i have a dr pepper habbit and when i try to get off them i will drink half orange juice half water, somehow it like stops the craving for the dr pepper its realy cool, you have to get only the oj that is NOT from concentrate, and i drink it a couple of times a day in about two days tops ive forgotten about peppers i can stay off them for several weeks you might try

  5. I agree also. I drink way to many sodas, but my real vice is Ice Cream. What helps me keep my weight down the most is walking. Walking at least one mile release our natural endorphins and makes me feel so much better. I had worked myself up to 3 miles but quit due to a big life change. I know I should try to do it again so I love this challenge.

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