Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Release: The Witching Herbs

Book Synopsis:

Harold Roth is a leading authority on
plants and herbal magic. The Witching
Herbs is an in-depth exploration of
13 essential plants and herbs most
closely associated with witchcraft—13
because it’s the witching number and
reflects the 13 months of the lunar
calendar. The plants are poppy, clary
sage, yarrow, rue, hyssop, vervain,
mugwort, wormwood, datura, wild
tobacco, henbane, belladonna, and

The Witching Herbs offers a vast
amount of esoteric information
that is not easily found elsewhere and will be greeted
enthusiastically by those who already have extensive
experience and libraries. However, because Roth writes
simply and clearly, this material will be accessible to all
readers. The Witching Herbs is unique in that it combines
mysticism with practical instructions for growing each plant,
based on Roth’s 30 years of gardening expertise. Each
chapter focuses on one plant and includes information on
its unique plant spirit familiar, clear how-to instructions for
magical projects, and pragmatic information on growing
and cultivating.

This is the essential plant-worker’s guide. Roth is not only
a successful gardener, but also a magician and scholar of
the occult. No other book blends clear, practical gardening
techniques with equally lucid and sophisticated plant magic
so successfully.

Author Biography
Harold Roth is among the foremost authorities on plants
within the modern occult community. For
over 15 years, he has owned and operated
Alchemy Works, an online store focused on
herb magic, where he crafts and sells incense,
potions, and magical oils, as well as seeds.
He also does art with an occult slant (www. The Witching Herbs is his first book.


If you are in need of a reference book on essential plants for the witch's garden look no further. Whether you are looking for a writers reference, gardening tips or plant magic knowledge, this book has it all.  I found myself lost in its pages as if reading a story about all the different aspects of plants I had read about but never had the pleasure to know. And now I do thanks to this author's unique voice and perspective.

5/5 Stars

What People Are Saying:

“The Witching Herbs is a must for
every witch’s library.” —Judika Illes,
author of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft,
Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, The Big Book
of Practical Spells, and other books
devoted to the magical arts.

“His {Harold Roth} work adds to
our deeper understanding of our
plant allies, fleshing out folklore, and
putting our traditions into deeper
context. I’ve learned so much from
him and know that with The Witching
Herbs, you will too.”
—Christopher Penczak, awardwinning
author and co-founder of the
Temple of Witchcraft

“Much more than a “this for that”
compendium, it will teach you to
open your eyes, ears, feelings, touch
and sense of taste to any herb you may encounter, so
that you may divine its magical use.”
—Ellen Evert Hopman, author of many books devoted
to herbalism and Celtic plant lore.

“This book is the best thing to happen to wortcunning
this century.” —Jason Miller, author of Financial Sorcery,
The Sorcerer’s Secrets, and The Strategic Sorcery Course
“Harold Roth’s The Witching Herbs offers an original
perspective on the magical dimension of plants, rooted
not in the repetition of occult texts but in the soil itself,
as accessed by hands, head and heart.”
—Daniel A. Schulke, author of The Green Mysteries, and
Veneficium: Witchcraft, Magic and the Poison Path.

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