Friday, February 22, 2013

The Everyday Psychic: A Visit With Karen Harrison

The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic Gifts

Discover how psychic you really are with this comprehensive and practical guide to developing and honing your psychic skills. "The Everyday Psychic" shows you how to harness your natural psychic abilities and experiment with psychic tools to get answers, guide your decisions, and enrich your life.

For the curious seeker as well as the skilled practitioner, "The Everyday Psychic" offers techniques, tips, and tools designed to awaken, refresh, and sharpen one's natural psychic gifts.

"The Everyday Psychic" offers techniques, tips, and tools designed to awaken, refresh, and sharpen one's natural psychic gifts by:

Activating Your Psychic GiftsBecoming More IntuitiveRemembering Your DreamsTools and Techniques for Accessing the Subconscious

Karen Harrison has helped many thousands of people awaken their psychic selves and improve their daily lives. Now she offers that in a book.

A Guest Post With the Author:


Luckily for me,  I was born into a family in which using psychic abilities was considered quite normal and a part of daily life.  Discussing and interpreting our dreams at the breakfast table, talking about how experiences from a past life can effect the present life, making games of predicting who was on the line when the phone rang were all part of how I grew up.  Every family has their favorite funny stories and we were no exception.  We enjoy recounting the story about the time when I was four years old in kindergarten and I had been telling my teacher, Mrs. Street, about my life in Holland.  I told her things about the kinds of food we liked to prepare, my favorite shoes and what our home looked like.  When my mother arrived for back-to-school night, Mrs. Street inquired about when we had moved to the United States from Holland.  My mother's reply?  "Oh, no - we haven't moved from Holland.  Karen was just telling you about her most recent past life!"

Being human is being psychic.  From the moment that you were born you had psychic abilities.  As with any of your other senses - taste, smell, sight, hearing, sensation - you were born with the ability to sense energy and the ways it moves, the ways it can change and sense its effects on your life.  Psychic ability is not a supernatural force, it is an innate, inborn, completely natural part of our lives.  It may not be as directly or easily perceived and experienced as the five basic physical senses that we all possess - that is, until you  open yourself again to your unconscious awareness of the subtle nature of energy patterns and how they can be interpreted and understood. 

When you were a young child, your inborn psychic senses were open and you were using them all of the time, but as you grew and matured a couple of things might have happened to cause you to disregard or deny your psychic ability.  Perhaps your family or peers were skeptical or afraid of the psychic world, making you afraid or skeptical as well.  Or perhaps as you became busier and more engaged in your social life, schoolwork and other activities you stopped listening to your 'inner voice', causing you to neglect using your psychic abilities.   Like using your physical muscles strengthens them or neglecting them makes them weak,  the use or neglect of your psychic abilities acts in the same way.

Just because you ignore your psychic inner voice doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.  You can rebuild your relationship with your subconscious psychic senses and reignite them to be a resource and tool that you can use every day to enrich and deepen your experiences and help you make more informed decisions.  Being able to use and rely on the psychic senses is not extraordinary, it is something we are all born with.   It is something that you can develop and use in a conscious, purposeful manner to aid in every aspect of your life.

Think about the things you have already experienced that involved one or more of your psychic senses.   How did you ‘know’ that that innocuous looking person at the bus stop was potentially dangerous?  They may have appeared to look perfectly normal and calm at initial sight.  But you unconsciously noted a certain look in their eye or felt a butterfly sensation in your stomach as you approached them.  This unconscious (psychic) response alerted you to the fact that you needed to keep a closer eye on them or even keep on walking to stay away from the energy that they were transmitting and the potential danger they might exhibit.
Why did you instinctually pause at the green light, even though your eyes did not at first detect the car hurtling around the corner to run the red light?  Because you sensed a quickly shifting energy pattern and were fast enough to react to it on an unconscious (psychic) level.  Your eyes did not detect the accelerating car because it was out of your line of sight around the corner, but your psychic senses were on alert and aware on your behalf, transmitting the unconscious information to your brain that you should not move forward.

We have all felt a slight prickling sensation at the back of our heads and turned around to see someone staring at us.  We felt the energy of their focus on us and this subtle feeling prickled our conscious awareness and senses.  These are all natural yet unconscious assessments of energy patterns that we encounter every day as we go about our mundane business.  The trick is to use your more sensitive senses in a conscious way, acknowledging them and acting on them when they occur so that you can strengthen these senses by their use.   In that way you can employ all of your senses, physical and subtle, to know what is going on around you at all times.  Yes, some people are born with more active psychic gifts, just as some of us can sit down and play a piano without a lot of instruction.  But with use, practice and the deliberate exercising of our natural intuition and in-born psychic tools, all of us can utilize our  psychic talents and abilities to enhance our lives.  Being psychic is not extra-ordinary or mysterious – it is a natural state of being for everyone.

One of the easiest ways to begin is to mentally 'unplug' yourself at different times during the day with the intention of listening to your inner intuitive voice. Turn off your cell phone, get off of the computer, shut off the television or radio.  Stop living in a state of distraction and move your mind into a quieter, more introspective space. Ask yourself a question - it could be a question regarding a decision you need to make or it could be something more general like 'what is the biggest challenge to my success?' Then simply stay in that quiet mode and allow your subconscious mind (which is where your psychic abilities reside) to give you the answer. You might get your answer right away while you are in that quiet space, you might receive your answer that night in a dream or it may come to you in a day or two when you are doing something mindless like weeding the garden. The point is to ask the question and stay receptive to the fact that you will receive your answer. Start doing this on a regular basis to open the dialogue with your psychic subconscious mind and you will find that, through use, you are strengthening your psychic inner voice and making a very positive difference in your life.

Karen Harrison has been involved with magick, the psychic arts,
and occultism since early childhood. She earned a Master of Herbology
from the Emerson College of Herbology in Montreal, and has
worked as a professional psychic since she was seventeen years old. A
third-generation psychic, she has taught thousands of people how to
open to their own intuition and use that insight to enrich their lives.
Karen is the proprietress of Moon Magick Alchemical Apothecary.
Since 1981, she and her husband have owned Isis Books, Gifts,
and Healing Oasis in Denver, Colorado (, the
largest and most complete brick and mortar store in the U.S. specializing
in world spirituality, magick, and herbs/essential oils. She is
the author of The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook and blogs regularly at where she discusses matters herbal, psychic, and

The Review:

Have you ever wondered what it took to become psychic? Let Karen Harrison guide you through some helpful exercises to find your own inner psychic.

The layout of this book draws you in immediately. The voice of the author grounds you in her practical experience and helps you warm up to the idea that having some latent tendencies might not be so far off the mark after all. Who among us hasn't felt something like intuition now and again?

The exercises in this book are designed to draw out your inner ear and help you to listen to the voice that dwells within. This book works to activate your psychic gifts, access the subconscious, listen to your own intuition and remember dreams. All of these can be used to further your connection with your own inner psychic.

I found The Everyday Psychic to be a useful guide. In particular, the exercise for centering really resonated with me. There are many further explorations that deal with angelic and dream influences that were thought provoking and intriguing. 

If you are looking for ways to awaken your inner psychic, then this book is for you!



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