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Rise of the Wadjet Witch Virtual Tour

Rise of the Wadjet Witch
Written in the Sky Book One
By Juliet C Obodo

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Orange Light Press

ISBN: 0578102145
ASIN: B007GE98V0

Number of pages: 225
Word Count: 62,000

Cover Artist: Ronnell D. Porter

Book Description:

All future astronomer Memphis Holland wanted was to quit smoking. The pressure to complete her dissertation on Ophiuchus the lost astrological sign and receive her PhD in Astrophysics has been high. She visits a hypnotherapist to rid her of her cravings and instead is given the ability to see the future and to teleport. To anyone else this would be a wonderful trade, but she doesn’t see it that way. These strange new powers and the fact that there is a serial killer piercing women in their Third Eye chakras and leaving their bodies all over New York City has her highly stressed.

Yoga doesn’t help and neither does her new position at Sign of The Times, a New Age newspaper run by her best friend Jill. Her mysterious coworker Lawrence, the reporter covering the murders, puts her even more on edge. He is nothing but kind yet there is just something about him; he has this uncanny ability to know exactly what she’s thinking.

Her astrological predictions for the newspaper are well received. But the eerily accurate personal horoscopes that are sent to her by an anonymous astrogirl88 are not. As the secrets and predictions from astrogirl88 unfold Memphis is led down a dangerous path to find out who she really is and the unsettling truth that her destiny may have already been written for her.


She went upstairs and got her things. She checked her watch. It wasn’t even midnight. It was still early enough to take the subway instead of a cab. She looked for Jill to wish her goodnight, but spotted her white satin clad bottom seated on the knee of a guest.
The guy was looking at her with pure adoration. She had a sudden flash; of them sitting that way, but they were much older. He was The One. Memphis smiled to herself. She decided not to disturb them. But shot Jill a quick text just in case she looked for her later.
She was half way down Jill’s block when she heard footsteps behind her. She didn’t see anyone when she turned to look. She half jogged the rest of the way to the station. She made into the car right before the doors closed. She caught an express train and arrived at her stop in just a few minutes. The cold air felt good against her face as she stepped on to the sidewalk. The first few blocks of her route home were fine because they right on 86th Street and heavily populated. She just hated having to walk down the last quiet block. She couldn’t imagine living in the suburbs with no one around.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind. It was probably a dog walker. She turned to look, but no one was there.
She continued walking, increasing her pace. Again, she heard footsteps.
She walked a little faster; the footsteps followed suit.
She started to jog; she could hear them getting closer.
She began running; so did the person behind her.
She was being chased!
She felt a surge of adrenaline. She just had to get into her apartment. She would be safe. She pictured her blue sofa. She just had to get home. Get home.
 “Home,” she wheezed out. “Home. Home. Home.”
Suddenly, she was on her sofa in her apartment.
“How the hell…” She saw that the door was wide open. She jumped up and slammed it shut. After turning all the locks, she slid down in front of it. She looked in the mirror, which was across the hallway from her. She was shaken and confused. She didn’t know who to be more afraid of, the person on the other side of the door or the person in the mirror.

The Myth of Wadjet Eye Witch

In Rise of the Wadjet Witch a number of myths and historical events are mentioned and incorporated into the story. Many people have asked how I was able to tie Egyptian mythology, astronomy, astrology, magic and even yoga together. Once they’ve read the book they finally get it. For those of you still debating, here is a simple overview.
The main character Memphis is a PhD candidate at Columbia University’s Astronomy program. She has always felt a connection with the stars, growing up an orphan in foster care she just never knew why. When she finally learns about her true nature and where she comes from it all makes sense.
Technically she isn’t Egyptian, though her family has lived on a planetary wave that can only be accessed through a certain location in the country. She also learns that Egyptian Mythology is based on actual events rather than fantasy.

Astronomy & The Wadjet Eye
The Wadjet Eye also known as the Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet who was the ruler of the “all seeing eye”. Wadjet was closely associated in the Egyptian Pantheon. The Pantheon consists of the major deities that created the cosmos. The Wadjet Eye is the gift that they gave to Memphis’ ancestors, connecting them to the stars and giving them ability to see the truth and the future.

The Wadjet Rising:
An ancient myth describes a battle between Horus and Set in which Horus´ blue right eye was torn out. Horus’ eye is magically restored and named Wadjet. The Wadjet signifies blue and green, the colors of calm and order. This is the reason why Memphis’ eyes begin to turn blue as she reaches her Rising. The Wadjet Rising comes from the fact the name Wadjet is derived from the Egyptian word "iaret" meaning "risen one" and is depicted by the image of a cobra rising up in protection.

The Oath of the Wadjet:
Horus’ left eye is the Eye of Ra and represents disorder. This is the disorder that the Wadjet people were sworn to protect the world from. As the world’s population grew they were not able to protect everyone and they opted to spread their energy among the people in order for them to be able to find peace and order within themselves. This energy is pooled in human chakras and centered in the Third Eye.
This explains the importance of a murderer running around New York City stabbing women in their Third Eye chakras and why Memphis feels it’s her duty to stop him. The fast paced plot of Rise of the Wadjet is often paused to explain the back story, but I hope this summary gives old readers clarity and piques the interest of new readers.

Author Bio:

Juliet C. Obodo writes fantasy fiction and inspirational city guides. She loves both sci-fi and fantasy due to the fact that she has a short attention span and books in these genres are able to hold her attention for more than a chapter. She love novels that introduce a sci-fi or fantasy element in to the plot in a realistic or almost mundane way. Recently released favorites are The Magicians and The Discovery of Witches. They inspired her to finally put the stories in her mind on to paper. She is based in New York City, but travels out-of-state once a month and internationally every two months. She's constantly in search of the perfect cup of coffee and a coffee shop like Central Perk on Friends. Follow her on twitter @julietcobodo or visit her blog Traveling*Indie*Writer*Chick


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