Friday, July 6, 2012

Superheros Wear Faded Denim Blog Tour

Superhereos Wear Faded Denim 
by Law Reigns

Blissany Cherry is tired of sleeping around. Her neurologists’ sleep solutions have failed her. Now that her bizarre sleeping habits have begun to include week long dreams she has resorted to her own methods for a cure.

METHOD ONE: CONTROL DREAMS. All attempts to morph dreams about a gorgeous warrior into romantic fantasies are thwarted. He keeps on insisting she is destined to marry a great king and lead their armies into war. At the end of every dream he asks her: will you fight the war and save mankind?  

She laughs in his face.

METHOD TWO: RESIST! Blissany has plans for her life. None include fighting an intergalactic war.  When her dreams begin spilling over into reality, she is forced to make a decision that will forever redefine her life. Standing between destiny and desire, she is left with only one option.


     What inspired you to start writing?

Two things: 1. Love of the craft, 2. The ability to weave world issues into my novel. Writing has always been like going to a spa for me. Not only does it make me happy, but it just relieves all sorts of stress. Plus, I always try to make the story more relatable by weaving current events into the tale.

     What is the funniest scene you have ever written?

This scene was one of the most memorable kiss scenes in 
Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. An excerpt from chapter two of 
my new adult fantasy romance, Blissany Cherry learns teen novels 
may not always be the best instruction manuals for learning how to seduce a man.

Faded Denim excerpt:

This is it!  Gabriel was obviously in pain. She feared her favorite romance novels had not prepared her as much as she thought, but there was no better place to make love. Intricate portraits hung along the walls. Plush, red carpet led up to a fireplace surrounded by antiquated books inscribed in Latin. A balcony leading out to a view of open sky was behind them. Everything felt so right. Her chance to comfort Gabriel like the lover she so yearned to be had finally come.

Intuitively Gabriel lowered his hands, “I’m sorry.” Those two words were his favorite.
She rested her fingers just above his belly button.
Brows furrowing, Gabriel stared at her puzzled. She swore there were leaves falling in his pupils.
She leaned forward.
“Blissany . . . what are—?”
She kissed him. His lips were sweet and soft like cotton candy. When she pulled away, her lids fluttered open to see nothing, but red.
Flustered, Gabriel moved from the couch. “That was . . . that was . . .” he searched his armoire for a shirt with gaping holes for his wings. He even threw on a red fanon for good measure.
“Um . . . I . . .” he refused to look at Blissany.
She knew that she had done something wrong. Something in her had wished that Gabriel would have kissed her back. He had to want her, otherwise why would he have her awake in his bed every morning only to feed her biscuits? She was dressed in a silk gown that clung to her figure. These gowns were made for lovers.
“That is—was… Michael,” Gabriel stuttered unable to form a coherent sentence. He was ready to fully ignore what just happened. “He is Nivide’s personal assistant, ranked the First Highest of all the High Custodiae. He arrived today to discuss what happened earlier.”
“That’s nice.” Please tell me my kiss wasn’t out of place. She felt like an idiot. Things weren’t going like they did in the urban fantasies she read except she was talking to a man with wings.
“Shall we breakfast on the balcony?” Gabriel drew her attention back to him. He refrained from touching her as they walked to the balcony.
Eating on the balcony was usually the high point of her dream. It was beautiful out there. Up so high people rode by on solid masses of clouds. All were dressed in exotic cloaks. Now the same beauty failed to move her. Gabriel offered her a sort of golden tint tea. She stared blankly at it saying nothing.
“This is straneyberry tea,” he continued, filling the silence. He showed her the fruit. It was large, red, and shaped like a heart. The outside of the fruit were lined with seeds. She burst the seeds on accident with her nails. Honey splattered dripping down her fingers. She licked them unconsciously. Gabriel should have kissed me passionately.

“Blissany,” he began.
A couple of winged beings flew out windows and past Gabriel’s balcony. They uttered, “Salve,” as they flew by. These winged beings were always male, always beautiful. She should have stuck to dreaming about horribly nerdy, unattractive males. Those were the only ones that would kiss her.
“Blissany,” he called again. He offered her cookies made of sun dew. She took three absentmindedly. The syrupy-doe bread would make her feel better.
“Please listen to me.”
“What’s wrong with me?” She asked.

    Do you have a playlist for Superheroes?

I do not have a particular play list. With that said, I did listen to a lot of B.B King, Kings of Leon, and 30 Seconds To Mars when writing this story.  I feel like the artists I named wrote a lot of songs relating to the themes in my novel: war, pain, searching, self-fulfillment, and having a good time.

    Destiny is a funny thing. Do you think we are fated to do the things we do, or does free will come into it?

To me, it is a combination of both. I am one of those people who believe we all have a purpose. Somewhere deep inside of us is a burning desire to achieve something that must be done. Although a road map has been laid out for us long before we were born, lightening is not going to strike us down if we decide to do things our own way. That is where free will comes into play. Me being the rebel that I am, I am all for people living their life.  

      What are some authors that have influenced your work?

It is hard to say. Some of the authors I most admire are Juliet Marillier, Eileen Wilks, Jeff Lindsay, Stieg Larsson, and James Patterson.

If you could tell an aspiring author one thing, what would it be?

Someone once told me to pay attention. You’d be surprised how many things happen to us every day that would liven a scene. Such as writing a café scene. If I am in a café, what are some things I can steal from my personal café experience to make a café scene in a novel more believable?
Some of the best stories out there steal from everyday life. A story may even be right in front of your nose.

   What is your next writing project?

Currently I am working on the second book to Superheroes Wear Faded Denim and another story currently titled Voodoo Kisses. Those I hope to have released near the end of s2013. 

About the Author:

Law Reigns has an odd obsession with romance. At the advice of her friends, she gave up the plight of playing cupid in their lives. Developing her own characters to manipulate proved to be more rewarding. After having studied creative writing at the University of Florida, she decided to write Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. A proud Gator alumni, she based  her novel where blood runs orange and blue. She personally invites all adventure druggies and love fanatics to dive into the pages of Faded Denim, a story that transforms a swampy, southern town into a battlefield for life and love. 
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Why this story:

I wrote this story for three reasons:

1.      As a narcoleptic, I wanted to inspire others by writing a story about a character who struggles to overcome sleep. Harriet Tubman’s story inspired me. For those who do not know, she was also a narcoleptic. She most certainly did not let it bother her. Anyone who faces obstacles in life will be inspired by this story of triumph.  

2.      Telling the story of a young woman who had to undergo a transformation to achieve greatness was important to me. Life will always ask more of us, more than we sometimes even think we can give. 

3.      I wanted to capture the beauty and culture of my college experience. There are so many different types of people we meet in college. Many stories do not even try to convey this. 

What I Liked:

This book is a cross between YA, romance and fantasy. The wraith in the department store at the beginning of the story and the angel story that unfolds is interesting and worth pursuing. The cosmic battle between good and evil with humanity hanging in the balance is a great theme. 

What I Didn't:

The names of some of the characters were difficult to say. The introduction to Blissany's ability to see the supernatural was strange at first and I wanted her to fight against what she was experiencing with Wanikiya and have more of a struggle going into the angelic battle that ensued in the department store. 


If you enjoy books with a YA flavor, but have a high concentration of fantasy and some romance that play on a theme of destiny and celestial battles, then you will enjoy Superheroes. The names are difficult to get used to and the early battle scene that calls Blissany to her destined role is at first hard to absorb, but as it plays out, the story begins to flow nicely. The imagery invoked is epic and you can see the angels at war, deciding the fate of humanity. Dreams take her places that she never imagined were real, and now quite suddenly are. The separate courts described are like Heaven, Hell and the battle that rages daily in between on earth. Blood drinkers battle with angels to decide the fate of humanity. This book has some epic storytelling that fans of Halo will enjoy. 



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