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Destiny Bewitched Blog Tour

Deemed “trailer trash” by humans and the daughter of the most disgraceful family of witches and warlocks since the Puritan age, Samantha is used to fighting her own battles. When her younger sister is taken to the Underworld, Sam doesn't hesitate to rescue her. To survive the harsh land, she makes a deal with a demon — the most dangerous of creatures in the realm. Even with those lustrous horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she's stuck in. Fighting nasty beasts in a supernatural version of the gladiator games is easy compared to falling in love with a man who has no future to offer.


What I Liked:

This book was sent by Bewitching Blog Tours and was a wild roller coaster ride of Underworld fun. The main character is a witch who is trying to save her sister. With the help of a "demon", she makes it across treacherous terrain and in the process, sparks fly.

What I Didn't:

Not a thing.



Destiny Bewitched grabbed me at the onset. The characters were realistic and the dialogue snappy. The adventure was good and you didn't see many of the plot twists coming. I liked the book and am likely to go back and check out the others in the series. It is refreshing when you find a author whose voice resonates.

Join me for a short interview with the author: 

1. In Destiny Bewitched you have the main character as a witch. What inspired your story?

I wanted to explore the witch culture more thoroughly. Samantha is a spin-off of one of the characters we meet briefly in the first book, Destiny Divided. She makes a bit of a bitchy impression and I wanted to redeem her as a person. Honestly, she had a story to tell and I was forced to write it. Lol. And after my last book, Destiny Unchained, which was darker, sadder, I really wanted to let loose and have fun with something high fantasy and adventurous. So Destiny Bewitched takes place almost entirely in the Underworld. 

2. Your dialogue and action are snappy and incredibly believable. What advice would you give someone wanting to write paranormal fantasy?

Read, read, read! Pay attention while you’re reading, to what you like, don’t like, and also read reviews so you see what fans like and don’t like. Find a critique group to help you hone your writing skills. Even the best of us need them. And finally, let your imagination run wild!

3. What are some of your favorite witchy books and movies?

This is gonna sound really silly but I love the movie Hocus Pocus. Lol. It’s so very 90’s but I still love it. I watch it with my kids around Halloween.

4. The sexual tension between Samantha and Geo is pretty hot. How did you feel the first time you had to write chemistry between two characters? How about your first really sexy scene?

Chemistry has always come naturally to me. What was more difficult to learn was how to write a good sex scene. Think about it. Can you come up with original and interesting ways of describing an orgasm? Lol. It’s harder than it sounds. I think I blushed my way through my first scene. It’s gotten a little easier since – definitely less embarrassing.

5. What are some erotic novels that just make you melt?

Hmm… I’m in a kinky sex phase with my reading. It’s so much fun to read about the power dynamic in a Dominance/submission relationship. I love Cari Silverwood’s books in her Steamwork Chronicles series. Talk about melting – she writes some hunky men.

6. Do you listen to music while you write? 

No way. I need silence. If I listen to music, I’ll start singing. Lol. Nobody wants that. Plus it’s a distraction.

7. What is your weirdest writing habit?

Hm. Not sure. Sometimes I chew on pen caps. When I’m thinking hard. Is that weird?

8. Now that I have read Destiny Bewitched, I must know if it will be a series. What is your next project?

Oh yes. It’s already a series. Book 4 in my Shadows of Destiny series. All of my books are stand-alones or can be read out of order. But the characters repeat and it’s fun to catch up with past ones. My next project is book 5 of my series, Destiny Forgiven. In the first book, Destiny Divided, we met Maddox, a fun-loving, goofy sorcerer. Well he disappeared for two years and when we found him again, he’s very different. His is a sad story. A bit dark and definitely emotional. But it will still be packed with what you can expect from all my books: humor, action, steamy sex, and an HEA.

Author bio: 

I began my writing journey while I was stranded at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. I browsed the Border’s kiosk and grew frustrated that I couldn’t find the “it factor” — the perfect combination of alpha male-ness, ass-kickery, strong females, magic, and sex.

So I spent the next four hours on an airplane writing my first book on scraps of paper and an airsick bag (which thankfully I didn't need to use).

Now I spend too much time in my head, plotting evil villains and the hot men (and women) who ruthlessly kill them. I think far too much about fae politics, dragon power games, and how fast werewolves can change forms. But writing my paranormal romance series has given me a productive place to express those dark places in my mind.

I live in New England with my husband and two kids. Though I will go to my grave denying it, my husband insists I would be thrilled if he suddenly sprouted fangs.



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