Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coventry Magic: The Giveaway

Jacki Smith, owner of Coventry Candles, one of the largest suppliers of magic candles in the U.S., has been crafting magic candles for more than twenty years. In "Coventry Magic with Candles, Oils, and Herbs," she shares the history of candle magic along with the recipes, spells, and divinations anyone can use to increase love, prosperity, luck, and abundance.

"Coventry Candle Magic" is not your mama's candle magic; this is candle magic for our complicated 21st century lives. Coventry Magic explores not only what color candle to use for a specific need but how to dig down deep inside and find out what that need really is.

So many times what we think is the problem is only the symptom of the bigger problem. Jacki Smith uses the humor of her own life experiences to show readers how to sort through the traps and tricks they've laid for themselves. Her self-evaluation system helps ferret out the underlying issues and beliefs that can often sabotage magical spells. The book helps readers get to the meat of issues and solve them in a magical, life-changing way.

"Coventry Candle Magic" will be an invaluable reference for beginners as well as experienced magic practitioners--the ultimate candle magic reference book.

The book features hundreds of candles and how to use them in a myriad of ways.

* An herb and oil encyclopedia
* Seven Steps to Personal Magical Evolution
* Basic how-tos for candle carving and using Tarot, gemstones, and elementals in candle spells.


The wonderful publisher of Coventry Magic has given us the  opportunity to do a giveaway! Two lucky winners will win a copy of this marvelous book. I received mine in the main recently and have enjoyed learning about candles and their uses. One thing is for sure, this is a more modern candle magic book and a great source for beginners and advanced practitioners. Check out a plethora of recipes, spells and divinations that will have you looking at that candle on your dining room table just a little differently.

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  1. My favorite candle colour is green, followed closely by beeswax in its' natural colour.

  2. well..i love the smell of vanilla but my favorite color candles are berry or wine colored.

  3. My favorite candle color is green, fav scent is lavender!

  4. I love color, candles are no exception, but I will go with blue.

  5. I love a dark purple candle or a white candle, but purple would be my first choice. Thank you for the lovely post and awesome giveaway opportunity :)

  6. My favorite candle color is green, but the scent I favor is vanilla!

  7. My favorite candle color is green, but the scent I favor is vanilla!

  8. My favorite color is purple. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  9. I enjoy vanilla scents so anything off white or light brown works for me.

  10. My favourite candle colours are Autumn colours. I like golden yellows, oranges, burnt reds & browns. If I had to choose Great giveaway!

  11. I love all earthy colors, greens and autumn hues!
    wonderful giveaway, looks like a great tool! Thanks for the opportunity!