Thursday, July 7, 2011

Follow Friday and Blogger Hop

Welcome to another excellent weekend blog hop! I am happy to see you here. It is always great to meet new book loving friends here on the web. Stop and sit for a spell and tell me about your current read!


Q. Let's step away from besties...What is the worst book that you've ever read and actually finished?
A. Oh wow. That is a hard question. The worst book that I actually finished. That is so hard. There have been a lot of books I have read over the years that don't get finished. I think I would have to say the one I hated the most was:


I mean, really. A story about a guy that turns into a giant roach? Oh the horror. It was the worst. Wait. No that might actually go to:

Heart of Darkness

I hated every second of this book. It was awful. It's funny, I don't remember why I hated it, but the very thought of reading it again makes me shudder.

Book Blogger Hop

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  1. I like Kafka's book but Heart of Darkness gets me every time. I've had to read it for school, twice. I tried again as an adult. It wasn't any easier then.

    My answer is a little unusual. Come see what it is.

  2. Completely agree with the Heart of Darkness. Only finished it because of my studies. I liked the Metamorphosis though.
    Here's my HOP

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Two books I have never heard of and thanks to you I will never read. You have a great blog, I'm now following.

  4. I salute all the brave souls that soldier on to finish a bad book. I could never do that. I never have and I can’t imagine I ever will.

    This week’s Follow Friday question is an excellent companion to last week’s Book Blogger Hop question.

    Follow me back to my blog and read all about why I hardly ever start a bad book let alone finish one –

    Read both my Book Blogger Hop post last week and my Follow Friday post this week and you’ll get the bigger picture of how my mind works. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! [grin]

    Thank G-d It’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  5. Hi there! I'm your newest follower stopping by from the hop. :)

    Reader's Refuge