Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scandinavian Easter Witches

Easter Witches. Sounds kind of strange, right? Author Diane Saarinen wrote a fascinating article on the subject for the School of the Seasons website in 2006. In the story, she recounts the death of her parents and how that lead her to do research into Finnish culture to keep their memory alive. In her searching, she came across a Finnish newspaper with a page featuring children in witch costumes. It wasn't Halloween, but Easter that was being celebrated.

As Diane did more research online, she came across Easter Witch postcards on eBay, and knew she had to have them. The two you see here are part of her collection.

Please take a moment and check out the link to the full story. The Finnish custom of Easter Witches is truly intriguing. I had never heard anything about the custom until Diane mentioned it. I am so glad she did. Diane's article captures this unique Finnish custom and discusses other Scandinavian history pertaining to witchcraft, listing sources if you are interested in more information.  

The link to the article is:

Thank you also to Waverly Fitzgerald of School of the Seasons, for allowing us to share this article. For anyone who has not visited the site, please do. As the name suggests, it is full of articles and fascinating facts about the seasons. There is a sign up for an email newsletter also.

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